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Hello,  I am Kristin. I am a birth mom and I have always had a passion for adoption.  I launched Evermore Adoption Consultants in October 2017 after working with a local adoption agency and family law attorney for 10 years prior.  Over the few years I have spent countless hours in hospitals with families waiting for their child to be born.  I have spent even more hours with expectant mothers who are to in the process of making the hardest decision of placing their baby with a family that has always desired to be parents.  Adoption is my passion, being a birth mother myself, I always wanted to  work with other expectant mothers who are making this decision and providing them with information and insight on the adoption process. I believe pregnancy information is very important.  It was something that I wish there would have been more of when I was making the decisions that I did.   After launching EAC, I quickly realized how many families wish to adopt, however, do not know the first steps to starting the adoption process. In addition to those families, there are families who have been waiting years and have been stuck in their current situation.  It was at that point I decided that I wanted to work with families to help them create successful adoption stories.   

Every family has a story and my favorite part is watching it all come together.

In 2019, I also launched Evermore Outreach as a program to assist the community in everyday needs.  I work with men, women, and children who are trying to obtain employment and housing. We are also doing our best to educate women who are pregnant in not just adoption but, also parenting resources. 


 Hi! I’m Melissa- an adoptive mother, wife, dog mom, world traveler, and marriage and family therapy graduate student. I came across Evermore Adoption Consultants while my husband and I were amidst our own adoption journey. I had reached out to Kristin after waiting two years with another agency, with what seemed like no end in sight. We were quickly losing hope that we would never become parents and Kristin was the breath of fresh air we needed. I’m so excited to now be part of Evermore Adoption Consultants and help others during their adoption journey. Adoption has become a passion of mine and I look forward to helping those who are just starting the process or those who are losing hope and need that breath of fresh air! 


 Hello! My name is Susanna. My husband and I were blessed with five beautiful children biologically and through adoption. We are a military family, which has moved us around a lot.  

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